Local Search

The internet has changed the way we search for local businesses. More than just a name and phone number, we now have all the information we need all in one place. Why would you look anywhere else?

Mobile Search

With the tap of a screen, you can easily call a business or pull up directions to a store in less time than it would take to open a phone book. This is why mobile search has staggeringly high conversion rates for local businesses

Online Reviews

Nine out of ten people check reviews before buying from a local business. And those same people trust what others say online as much as if they heard it from a friend. So what are people saying about you online?
Want More Proof?

What is Google Places and why should you care?

In a nutshell, the use of the internet to find local products and services is not only growing exponentially, it’s already HUGE! And these searches usually result in an immediate action, whether a phone call or getting directions to your location. And it’s not just about appearing on search results. When companies have all the information that a consumer needs (name of business, phone number, address, hours, reviews, etc) in one place, conversions are almost 5x better than a standard website listing. And the easiest way to get all of that in one neat and tidy bundle on the first page of Google is with Google Places!

Google Places listing in SERPs

At Boost Rank SEO, we cater to small to medium sized local companies who want to increase their business. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the difficulty in attracting new customers without a large advertising budget. If you are not familiar with Google Places (or as it is called now, Google My Business), you can see an example to the left. Because it has all of the information a customer needs in one place (including those all important reviews!), companies who rank highly in the search engine results experience increased sales due to the high conversion rates of these listings.

We fully believe in the power of Google Places (Google My Business) optimization and have seen first hand how, for a relatively low investment, the “little guy” can compete and even beat established, national brands. In fact, we have become know as the “go-to” guys for Google Places optimization and have made it the core of our business.

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  • High ROI
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Affordable for SMBs
  • Faster Results (vs SEO)
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