“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted… the trouble is, I don’t know which half”

-John Wanamaker

Do you ever wonder if your advertising dollar is going as far as it could be? With all the forms of marketing and advertising out there, it can be difficult to decide which is the best choice for your business. Should you take out a radio spot? If so, for which station? What channel does your customer base listen to? What about a TV ad? Local, cable, or national? Again, what station would your potential customers be watching? And when? And even if you do all the research and pick the perfect channel at the perfect time, there is no guarantee that your ad will lead to sales. How much does the medium matter? Have you ever bought a trombone because of a radio ad? Do you pick your doctor based on TV commercials? Not to say that these methods are completely useless, just less effective. Now ask yourself, if you had just moved to a new city and needed a plumber, how would you find one? You wouldn’t sit by the radio or tv hoping an ad comes up for one. The yellow pages (if you can find yours) is an option but how do you know which one is the best? If you are like 76% of the nation, you would hop on your computer and do an online search for plumbers in your area. Then you would read the reviews, check for coupons, and get their phone number. For many businesses, search engine optimization provides the best return on investment of any type of advertising. Check out the infographic below. SEO outperforms all other types of advertising by miles. It almost doubles the rate of its nearest competitor, direct mail. Think of it this way; when you get a direct mailing for new tires, you typically throw it away. What are the odds that this postcard arrived just at the time you needed new tires? Now jump to the day that you do need them. You go online and search for “new tires Jacksonville”. Do you think the result at the top is the same company that sent you that mailing? Probably not. And if it is, it wasn’t the mailing that got you in the door. So save a tree, get SEO. And put your advertising dollars to work.