Find The Snow

      "A cow in a field of snow will die of thirst because she's too dumb to take the ice and turn it into water."   I was talking to a very well respected business owner and speaker when he gave me this jewel of wisdom. I can't tell if it's an old adage or something he just came up with on the spot but the message remains. Opportunities are all around us but most people will never take advantage of them, whether due to laziness or blindness. I can't count the number of times in the past year I have commented that a business is "succeeding in spite of itself". It is amazing how many companies are doing the wrong things and still prospering. I would be scared to see what would happen if they actually took advantage of the "snow on the ground". In the aforementioned conversation, the person I was talking to, "Doug",  was hired by a business owner, "Tom", to connect him with influencers in the industry. Tom was getting frustrated that Doug wasn't doing enough for what he paid him for. Tom believed that by meeting these people that deals should just fall into his lap. But success is never such a simple equation.  Doug was trying to illustrate that you have to get out there and melt your own snow. He can get you over the initial hurdle but you've got to run your own race. That's the way it is for SEO. High rankings can get visitors to your site but what happens then? You've got to convert these views to sales. This is especially true for offline businesses such as restaurants and spas. You have [...]

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How SEO is Like Selling a House

A few weeks ago, I was reading Jon Coleman's blog post on how we as content creators are phoning it in for the most part and can do better. In the article, Jon references a post by Richard Falconer about the overuse of How SEO is like [insert something almost completely random] type posts. I couldn't agree more. These passages are weak at best and leave the reader with very little actual takeaway information. The only real benefit is to the writer. And every good SEO should be focused on making the Internet better, not just adding more trash to the pile. However, I believe this post is different. This is not just filler, this is the real stuff. So grab a pen and paper or save this to your Evernote account because here comes some actual information. I have been using this analogy for years in meetings, interviews, and bars. I have found it is the easiest way to explain SEO and people seem to understand and relate quite quickly. In fact, the more I use it, the more fitting it seems to get. To me, Search Engine Optimization is like selling a house. Picture your website as a house. When you hire an SEO company, the first thing they do is come in and do on page optimization. Just like a realtor would come in and make sure that you don't have a fridge on your front lawn and your paint is fresh and inviting, SEOs make sure that your title tags and meta descriptions are filled and optimized. We improve user experience by simplifying navigation and making buttons easy to read and fun to push. And a site or house without a solid foundation [...]

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2013 SEO Predictions

This is a great infographic from What do you think? Disagree with anything? Will this be any different for Florida SEO? Obviously they have no problem with creating great, engaging content like 64% of other b2b marketers!  

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I’m An Astronaut

I have been in the Search Engine Optimization industry for a number of years now. Throughout that time, I have always had trouble when people ask me what I do. For a variety of reasons. One is that no matter how hard I try, I can not elocute the phrase "Search Engine Optimization" well enough that I don't have to repeat it twice. I don't have an accent or a speech impediment. People just aren't used to hearing those words in that order. On top of that, I use the term at least 5 times a day so I have to slow down and pronounce each syllable slowly. But not too slowly that I offend the person. It's a delicate balance. When I started in this industry and someone would ask what I do, 91 times out of 100, they had no idea what SEO was (and I want to emphasize was because SEO then is not what it is now after Panda, Penguin, Florida, and all the other updates). I even had a tagline on my business card that said "I'll make you famous on Google" to try to help them understand. Things have improved somewhat since then. I would say that 40% still have no idea what SEO is. 30% have heard of it but still know very little outside of what it does. And 30% have used/are using an SEO company or at least are more familiar with it than just what the acronym stands for. The last 60% are generally business/website owners who have gotten dozens of spam emails (I get 3-4 a day) promising first page rankings for <$300/month. You could liken this to the days of door to door vacuum salesmen. [...]

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A Blog Post About Blog Posts

For anyone who has studied Search Engine Optimization at all, the idea of maintaining a blog to increase the Search Engine Rankings on your site is elementary. A wise man (and quite a few not-so-wise ones too) once said that "content is king". This is a rule that Google lives by. New, fresh, engaging, insightful, and helpful content is what keeps the internet moving forward. Otherwise we would just keep passing around the same cat pictures and chain letter emails (remember those?). Also, a blog that is updated often is more likely to be cared for as well. Which means less spam links and 404 errors.  Which means a better user experience for the visitor. Which means a happier internet. Which means Google continues to grow like a cute, cuddly snowball rolling down the mountainside until it ends up crushing the innocent city below.   While it is good practice to update your blog/content often, there are some tips to remember. It is great to have fresh content on your site but it is also important that this content is relevant and quality. Or at least just relevant. If your site is about your random thoughts, ideas, goals, and things you like, ignore this. For the rest of you, with real websites and actual visitors, sticking to the theme of your site will help you build a reader base. If your site is about left handed guitar tips, I'm probably not going to care about your cornbread recipe. The other reason for this is to increase your SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS. And that's the only reason you've read this far, right? Make each post focus on one topic (ideally a keyphrase that you're going after) such [...]

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