Internet Marketing = Green Marketing

  Internet Marketing: Make Some Green, Save Some Green Every week, on average, I get 6 direct mail advertisements in my mail box. I drive past at least 12 billboards. I have to throw away a handful of window flyers and handbills. Sometimes I imagine a forest of trees. I see them growing up together, as a family. Some of the saplings are swaying around talking about what they are going to be when they grow up. "I'm going to be the mast of a ship and sail to foreign lands!" "Yeah, well I'm going to be the President's desk and help sign important treaties and bills!" No one in the Arbor family ever thinks they are going to be part of a direct mail blast for a local Hyundai dealership that most people won't even bother reading. That they will spend the majority of their time in a landfill or lining a hamster cage. Most days, I only ever get spam mail (spamail?). All my bills are electronic and, with the exception of Save the Dates, my friends don't write. Why would they? Outside of Amazon purchases, my mailbox might as well be a trash can. Which means that the mailman is visiting my house for no other reason than to sell me something. While the number of email spam I get on a daily basis is exponentially more than the direct mail or print ads I see, at least it didn't cost a little tree his hopes and dreams. I am not advocating the complete genocide of the print media advertising community. Far from it. I enjoy my pizza coupons and the cologne samples in magazines. I know newspaper editors have to eat [...]

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On Page Optimization Tips

On Page Optimization Tips from Boost Rank SEO Transcription:   Hi, this is Mike with Boost Rank SEO a search engine optimization company based here in sunny, humid Jacksonville FL. I'm here today to give you a couple of quick tips for improving your search engine rankings. Before you start worrying about backlinks and the everchanging world of off page optimization you need to make sure your website is optimized. Otherwise it's like planning an open house when your home doesnt have a front door, the toilet is in the kitchen, and your neighbors own howler monkeys. Bottom line, fix your house before you invite people over. Now if you aren't the one who handles your website, pass this info along to the person that does. So the first order of business is installing Google webmaster tools and Google analytics. IF you've already done this, go ahead and reach around and give yourself a pat on the back. If not, don't worry, Google walks you through the whole process. Now this doesn't help your rankings but it is useful and provides invaluable insight into who's visiting, for how long, what is being viewed the most, etc. Knowledge is power in this business. Ok, now that you've got those installed, you need to create an xml sitemap. This sounds difficult but it's really not. If you're using wordpress, joomla, or drupal, there are plugins available. Literally 2 clicks and it's done. If you don't use any of these, there are generators and how to videos available everywhere. If you have any questions, you can email me at What the sitemap does is give Google's spiders a literal map of your website so they can easily [...]

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