How much business have you lost because of bad reviews?

Did you know that 55% of Internet users polled look at other people’s reviews online before buying? How do you feel knowing that over half of your potential clients are looking up your reviews? Is there one that you wish they wouldn’t find? 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements. Are the reviews you have doing a good job of selling your service? We all know that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement but did you know that about 89% of people trust online reviews and 72% trust them as much as personal recommendations? Meaning online reviews are almost as important as a personal referral from a previous patient.

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  Let’s look at an example:

Mrs. Stewart came in to Dr. Bob’s practice for a rhinoplasty. In a clerical error, Mrs. Stewart was charged twice for the procedure. The error was quickly caught and fixed but in a fit of pain killer fueled hysteria, Mrs. Stewart went on to,, and Dr. Bob’s Google Places page and left scathing reviews. Now Ms. Stone is searching for a plastic surgeon for an abdominoplasty. She has heard Dr. Bob’s ads on the radio and seen his billboard on her drive into work. So Ms. Stone does what 55% of other adult internet users do and looks at Dr. Bob’s reviews. Unfortunately, Dr. Bob only has 2 reviews and one of them is a heated rant from Mrs. Stewart. There’s about a 70% chance that Dr. Bob will never see Ms. Stone in his office.

How many times do you think this has happened to you and you didn’t even know it?

So the question is, what are you doing to increase your positive reviews and hide your negative ones? That’s where we can help. We have proven methods to make sure that you get honest, positive reviews from real clients and that those pesky negative reviews get pushed down to the nether regions of the internet. Call or email us today to stop losing patients and start gaining them!

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