Do you have reviews like this? 

Negative review - SEO Jacksonville

Or do you not have any reviews at all?

Surveys by comScore, Yahoo! and BIGresearch indicate over 90% of US adult consumers say they check on products and reviews online before they make a purchase.

An Avenue A/Razorfish report in the “Digital Consumer Behavior Study” showed that 55% of Internet users polled look at other people’s reviews online. Only 22% check product comparison charts, 21% look at expert reviews, and 1% consult shared shopping lists.

Having negative reviews or none at all is costing you business!

According to the New York Times (Dec 1, 2010), Google announced, “it had changed the way it ranks search results so that unscrupulous merchants would find it harder to appear prominently in searches.”

Not only will potential customers not trust your business, they may not even see it!


Through a proven method, Boost Rank SEO can not only build up your positive reviews but also make sure that negative reviews go to you or your managers so you can address the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. This gives you the ability to correct any problems customers might have before you start losing serious business!