“A cow in a field of snow will die of thirst because she’s too dumb to take the ice and turn it into water.”


I was talking to a very well respected business owner and speaker when he gave me this jewel of wisdom. I can’t tell if it’s an old adage or something he just came up with on the spot but the message remains. Opportunities are all around us but most people will never take advantage of them, whether due to laziness or blindness. I can’t count the number of times in the past year I have commented that a business is “succeeding in spite of itself”. It is amazing how many companies are doing the wrong things and still prospering. I would be scared to see what would happen if they actually took advantage of the “snow on the ground”.

Cow in snow

In the aforementioned conversation, the person I was talking to, “Doug”,  was hired by a business owner, “Tom”, to connect him with influencers in the industry. Tom was getting frustrated that Doug wasn’t doing enough for what he paid him for. Tom believed that by meeting these people that deals should just fall into his lap. But success is never such a simple equation.  Doug was trying to illustrate that you have to get out there and melt your own snow. He can get you over the initial hurdle but you’ve got to run your own race. That’s the way it is for SEO. High rankings can get visitors to your site but what happens then? You’ve got to convert these views to sales. This is especially true for offline businesses such as restaurants and spas. You have to convince these people to get up, put on pants, and come down to your establishment.


Maybe you are melting your snow, but are you still thirsty? Is your conversion rate less than spectacular? Instead of ramping up marketing campaigns, focus on converting more visitors already on your site. Give them a reason to keep coming back, make the process easier, add social media or other engagements. Or is there a product or service that would complement what you offer? Can you work out a deal with that provider? For example, if you sold flat packed furniture online, you could team up with a local service that puts the item together at the customer’s location. Do you think that assembly service would be interested in a co op like that? Of course! Have a yoga studio? Why not have a list of recommended yoga items on Amazon next to your online registration? Or send out an email blast to members about a hot new product or massage class next door? There are plenty of ways to supplement your income for whatever industry you’re in if you look for the snow.

Don’t be a cow.