Did You Know 4/16

  Did You Know? So how are your New Year's resolutions holding up? Rocking that six pack yet? Still haven't cleaned out the garage? No worries, we've still got 2/3 of the year left to get all that business done. One thing that should definitely be on your to-do list is attending One Spark! From April 17 - 21, 2013, CREATORS from all over the world will showcase ideas and projects to connect with a $250,000 crowdfund, $1 million in capital investments, and immediate individual contributions. All via live, on-site voting. When else will you be able to do that? It's like a live Kickstarter! (For the record, we are not affiliated with One Spark in any way, we just think it's an amazing event and want to support our great city) Continuing our Did You Know segment, Did You Know... The names of all of the continents both start and end with the same letter? Did You Know... If you say the alphabet without moving your tongue or lips, every letter will sound the same? Did You Know... That I know you just tried saying the alphabet without moving your tongue or lips? Did You Know... 74% of internet searchers ignore paid ads? While Googe Adwords is a very powerful tool, SEO is vastly more effective Did You Know... SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. Did You Know... The Beatles literally stopped touring because their music could not be amplified loud enough to compete with the screaming crowd noise, even with custom built amplifiers. Take that, Beiber. Enjoy your hump day, we hope to see you at One [...]

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Lucky SEO

Everything in life is luck." ~ Donald Trump   I once read an article about how Donald Trump made his fortune, lost it, made it again, lost it again, and made it back. The purpose of the story was to illustrate how rich people aren't just lucky, that there is something special about this group. Whether intelligence, attitude, connections, etc, these people somehow are different from us plebeians and that is the source of their success. Obviously Mr. Trump does not believe this theory. And neither do I. I fully subscribe to the "I'd rather be lucky than good" belief. This doesn't mean I don't work every day to make myself a better person and SEO. I go to the gym, I stay current on every search engine algorithm change and rumor, I work hard to provide my clients with the best possible service I can provide. But that is all for naught if I get hit by a meteor walking to my car. Or if Google decides to close its doors tomorrow. Or if all of my clients go out of business at the same time through no fault of mine. Life happens.   Luck applies to all aspects of our lives, even SEO. Google can decide that that private blog network you've been relying on for all your backlinking is next on their chopping block. Your competitor can be featured in the newspaper for saving six puppies from a fire resulting in free press and ultimately, free backlinks to high PR pages. Or your server can get hacked and lose all your website data. Any SEO worth their salt has had that one site that, despite their best efforts, just wont budge in the [...]

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Find The Snow

      "A cow in a field of snow will die of thirst because she's too dumb to take the ice and turn it into water."   I was talking to a very well respected business owner and speaker when he gave me this jewel of wisdom. I can't tell if it's an old adage or something he just came up with on the spot but the message remains. Opportunities are all around us but most people will never take advantage of them, whether due to laziness or blindness. I can't count the number of times in the past year I have commented that a business is "succeeding in spite of itself". It is amazing how many companies are doing the wrong things and still prospering. I would be scared to see what would happen if they actually took advantage of the "snow on the ground". In the aforementioned conversation, the person I was talking to, "Doug",  was hired by a business owner, "Tom", to connect him with influencers in the industry. Tom was getting frustrated that Doug wasn't doing enough for what he paid him for. Tom believed that by meeting these people that deals should just fall into his lap. But success is never such a simple equation.  Doug was trying to illustrate that you have to get out there and melt your own snow. He can get you over the initial hurdle but you've got to run your own race. That's the way it is for SEO. High rankings can get visitors to your site but what happens then? You've got to convert these views to sales. This is especially true for offline businesses such as restaurants and spas. You have [...]

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PPC For The Holidays

    Hello boys and girls, Earlier this month I wrote about how now is the perfect season to get started on your SEO campaigns so that they become ripe just as those tax return checks start rolling to Joe Everybody's mailbox. And that is completely true. Many of you have businesses that take a hit during the holiday season. I'm looking at you Mr. Pest Control Guy. This is the time of year that people put aside the everyday, mundane purchases in favor for the red and green, batteries not included, some assembly required ones. So for those of you with those vital, needed, and non-colorfully decorated businesses, that post was for you. For the rest of you, keep reading.   Thanksgiving is over and we don't even have time to think about the gym because we're too busy making our list and checking it twice. And we can't just buy everyone iTunes gift cards again this year or we'll become "that aunt". So for all you toy store owners and florists, how do you cash in on the Christmas bug? Do you put  up flyers? Do you take out radio ads? Or do you hire that scruffy guy to stand on the corner with a sandwich board? These are all tried and true methods that everyone, including your competitors, is trying. But these methods all rely on convincing people to check out your wares. Even if they were only at the mall for a cinnamon roll. A smarter, more efficient form of advertising would be one that found those potential customers who wanted your product AND were in the mood to buy and only marketed to them. I know, seems a bit far fetched. But [...]

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On Page Optimization Tips

On Page Optimization Tips from Boost Rank SEO Transcription:   Hi, this is Mike with Boost Rank SEO a search engine optimization company based here in sunny, humid Jacksonville FL. I'm here today to give you a couple of quick tips for improving your search engine rankings. Before you start worrying about backlinks and the everchanging world of off page optimization you need to make sure your website is optimized. Otherwise it's like planning an open house when your home doesnt have a front door, the toilet is in the kitchen, and your neighbors own howler monkeys. Bottom line, fix your house before you invite people over. Now if you aren't the one who handles your website, pass this info along to the person that does. So the first order of business is installing Google webmaster tools and Google analytics. IF you've already done this, go ahead and reach around and give yourself a pat on the back. If not, don't worry, Google walks you through the whole process. Now this doesn't help your rankings but it is useful and provides invaluable insight into who's visiting, for how long, what is being viewed the most, etc. Knowledge is power in this business. Ok, now that you've got those installed, you need to create an xml sitemap. This sounds difficult but it's really not. If you're using wordpress, joomla, or drupal, there are plugins available. Literally 2 clicks and it's done. If you don't use any of these, there are generators and how to videos available everywhere. If you have any questions, you can email me at mike@BoostRankSEO.com. What the sitemap does is give Google's spiders a literal map of your website so they can easily [...]

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