Why Isn’t Your Non-profit Live Tweeting?

Twitter can be a bit of a mystery to some people. It can even allude some of the most social savvy teens out there. Tweeting is fast-paced, hashtag-driven and, well, quirky. However, as a source of reaching targeted followers and finding those with common interests, it can be extremely valuable. When you combine that power with a live event, rich with imagery and some well-planned marketing direction, not only will your non-profit increase its piece of the social marketing pie. Non-profits have many events that can be used for live tweeting. However, you should not live tweet at every event as you do not want to inundate your followers’ timeline with that much unsolicited event coverage! Here are the events that are best formats for live tweeting. Grand openings of a new facility or a re-launching of the brand Guest speakers who have a large following Biggest events of the year. The annual “fill in the blank” Events with great photo opportunities ( you can utilize other social media platforms also which can be tracked with hashtags and can be discussed in a future blog post ) Now that we know which events are best to live tweet about, let’s go over some of the the best practices when deciding to do so: 1) Use an established Twitter account. This could be the non-profit’s account or the account of the live tweeter. 2) Create a hashtag that is less than 15 characters prior to the event. This should be relevant, not over-used and published in any marketing materials as well as highly visible throughout the event. This is so others can help! 3) Have all your sponsor’s information ready in one place so you can [...]

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25 Mistakes Link Builders Make

I could have easily padded this out to "100 Link Building Mistakes" but, like #1, I wanted to provide quality over quantity. Substance over fluff. Jedis over Storm Troopers (too geeky?). I also wanted to keep these strictly to "link building". This could have easily gotten out of hand if I had gotten into on site mistakes, social media faux pas, etc. Some of these you've heard 6 times since Sunday. Some might be new to you. There are even some great tips from heavy hitters like Brian Dean, Chris Dyson, and Jason Acidre. I sincerely hope this helps your linkbuliding endeavors. Live long and link on. 1. Focusing on more links vs. better links. I started my list with this one because I believe it is the most important tenet of search engine optimization. 10,000 links from low quality, irrelevant sites with hundreds of outbound links to other crappy websites are not worth 10 high quality, relevant links. I'll break that down into a math equation. 10,000 crappy links < 10 great links. The time you waste submitting your site to directories and commenting on auto approve blogs would be better spent writing one piece of great content, emailing a webmaster in your niche about a broken link you found on his resources page, or learning how to play "Wagon Wheel" on the guitar. 2. Too many "exact match" anchors/Not enough branded keywords/Not enough semantic keywords/Not enough natural and generic anchors. These could be broken up into four separate items but they are all part of the same problem: Anchor Text Diversity. The Penguin update penalized webmasters whose link profiles consisted of too many exact match keywords in their anchor text. Since then, SEOs [...]

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Find The Snow

      "A cow in a field of snow will die of thirst because she's too dumb to take the ice and turn it into water."   I was talking to a very well respected business owner and speaker when he gave me this jewel of wisdom. I can't tell if it's an old adage or something he just came up with on the spot but the message remains. Opportunities are all around us but most people will never take advantage of them, whether due to laziness or blindness. I can't count the number of times in the past year I have commented that a business is "succeeding in spite of itself". It is amazing how many companies are doing the wrong things and still prospering. I would be scared to see what would happen if they actually took advantage of the "snow on the ground". In the aforementioned conversation, the person I was talking to, "Doug",  was hired by a business owner, "Tom", to connect him with influencers in the industry. Tom was getting frustrated that Doug wasn't doing enough for what he paid him for. Tom believed that by meeting these people that deals should just fall into his lap. But success is never such a simple equation.  Doug was trying to illustrate that you have to get out there and melt your own snow. He can get you over the initial hurdle but you've got to run your own race. That's the way it is for SEO. High rankings can get visitors to your site but what happens then? You've got to convert these views to sales. This is especially true for offline businesses such as restaurants and spas. You have [...]

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